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What would a crossover between Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Neon Genesis Evangelion be like?

  1. Would Akio have a cherry red Evangelion with a white leather entry plug?
  2. Would Saionji have an Evangelion dressed like the Rose Bride, and would he slap it everytime it didn't do what he wanted it to?
  3. Would Gendo crack Akio first with his stoicism, or would Akio crack Gendo first with his meddling and games?
  4. Would Rei and Anthy get along well? Neither one of them seems to do anything without a specific person's say-so.
  5. Who would end up sleeping with Akio first, Misato or Asuka?
  6. Juri tells off school administration, but could she handle SEELE?
  7. Would suspending Tokyo-3 upside down and spinning confuse the angels?
  8. Could Anthy possibly store the positron rifle in that chest of hers?
  9. Would Dios help Utena when fighting an Angel, or is that just for school duels?
  10. Would Asuka take Shinji more seriously if he knew how to duel with a sword?
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