the Ohio group
This would be the aforementioned nice and normal picture =P That's Cloudy on the left, then me, then Marsie, then C2S. Marsie is holding her cat, Pooters.

anime collection
Since we had been watching anime, reading manga, and playing with assorted anime toys, we figured we needed a picture with alllllll of it.

These next couple pictures are what I like to call the 'tape bitch series' Somehow, during the course of watching a lot of anime, Cloudy got appointed tape/remote bitch. Whenever a tape would end and we would need to put in the next one, we all yelled 'tape bitch!' and Cloudy would get out of his chair and put in a new tape. He kept saying that he was not the tape bitch, and yet every time we called 'tape bitch' he would get up right away. So after taking our group pictures, we decided we needed to immortalize Cloudy in his new found role. >=D We luuuuuurve you Cloudy ^_^

joshy #1

joshy #2

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